Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are Family......

Tonight we had Mark's sister Laurie, her husband Klayne, and our nephew Gideon over for dinner. I decided to get creative and make something fun for dinner so I cooked up these Pumpkin Bowls with Winter Stew in them. They turned out really yummy and everyone enjoyed them. Laurie & Klayne made some great rolls which tasted great too. We had a nice evening chatting and watching the kids play. Gideon and Natalie were really cute playing with her kitchen set. I was trying to take a picture of the two of them and Natalie kept trying to grab Gideon's arm which he wasn't too thrilled about. It was funny watching them. Here are a few pictures from our night. Pumpkin Bowl Winter Stew
Laurie, Klayne & Gideon
Klayne playing Memory with Matt
Natalie trying to grab Gideon and telling him to say "Cheese"
Gideon playing the piano.


Holly said...

How fun! That soup looks so good! You must share the recipe! Have you seen my cooking blog? I have a sister that is a very talented cook and I am hoping this blog gets her really involved in sharing some of my favs! The soup you made really makes me want to cozy up and enjoy! ; )

The Crum Family said...

What a cute idea with the pumpkin bowls!