Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Memory of our sweet cat Lizzi

We've had our sweet cat Lizzi (or Lizard as he was also known) for about 4 1/2 years. We first got him when he was just a kitten. We thought he was a "SHE" at first, but then our nice neighbors Eric & Shannon kindly informed us that he was really a HE! It was kind of funny. (Hey, I didn't know what cat anatomy looked like ok!) Well, this afternoon we had something really sad happen. We had 2 big dogs chase Lizzi into our next door neighbors yard and attack him. Our neighbor Lynette came and told Mark Lizzi was hurt in their yard so Mark went to get him. Poor Lizzi was in a bad way. He couldn't move his legs, and he was breathing hard and moaning. It was so awful. It wasn't much longer after that and Lizzi died. It was so sad. You could tell he was in so much pain and was suffering. I just cried and cried. Then I had to break the news to my kids. Poor Katie and Matt toook it really hard, especially Katie. She is pretty heartbroken. She is our animal lover. So this Blog is dedicated to our sweet cat Lizzi. He was such a good cat. Even Mark liked him and that's saying something for Mark because he isn't the fondest of animals. This photo I took of him was actually just taken yesterday - how ironic is that. He was watching us from the patio and it was so funny to watch him sit there wishing he was inside. Natalie even brought him in after that because she felt sorry for him I think. Anyway, we love you Lizzi. You were such a pretty cat. Thanks for being a great pet to our family. We'll miss you very much.


Anonymous said...

Oh how sad! I hope your kids will be okay after a while.

OH! I hate dogs!!!! Especially ones who attack innocent animals or people!!!!!! You know what I mean, right? Or dogs who poop on lawns of people who don't have dogs!!!!

OHHHHHHH! I'm mad for you!!!!

Joseph said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. Our oldest has had 2 beta fish. He named the first one Zim, and he lived for about 2.5 years. It was very sad when he died, but we bought another one a few months later. Zim 2, as he was named, lasted about 18 months before he too passed on.

Our kids have had interesting reactions to these experiences. I am more like Mark in the pet aspect because I don't want the kids to have to deal with the pain of losing a pet. Phyllisa does a good job of helping them to learn about eternal perspective from these experiences, and the kids have pulled through pretty well after a short time.

Holly said...

Ok, I thought I had made a comment last night when I saw this! I am losing my mind, sorry! I remember your cat and all you have been through with his leg injury! Man, I love our old neighborhood but I do have to say that people were sometimes very irresponsible with their dogs. I never heard of any cat stories just major problems with dogs! I know how sweet your whole family was with Lizzi and I am so sorry! I agree with Candee, people need to be so cautious with their dogs, and I remember what happened with Weston and Candee and that wild one running free in the neighborhood that went after the cop...People need to really be more responsible with these animals...it makes me so mad!! I agree with Candee about the poop on the lawns too! Man I do not miss cleaning up poop from our neighbor’s dogs; I mean come on people clean up after your animals! Jay always told Jayson it was cruel for a dog to be penned up in the city, that they don't understand being limited. They are animals of purpose not to be chained up to a kennel all day long. I remember when our neighbors would get made at their dogs they would put their dogs outside all night to punish them and it punished us more then the dogs because they stood at the door and barked all night long...
Ok I am off my soapbox, we are so sorry. I know Jayson will be so sad to hear about Matt's cat. He quite enjoyed playing with the cat when he went over to your house!
: )

Phyllisa said...

Poor Lizzi! He was a good cat! He never made me sneeze.