Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Halloween Fun......

Last night we had our "Trunk or Treat" so I took Kaitlyn, Matt & Natalie up to the church for that. Matt was a Pirate, Kaitlyn was Cleopatra (her and Emily are sharing a costume this year), and Natalie was our Princess. After the Trunk or Treat Mark and I went to a Halloween Party for grown ups. I went as Sarah Palin and Mark was Joe Plummer. Kind of lame I know! That was about as creative as I could get without buying a costume. What do you think? I think Mark makes a pretty good Joe the Plummer!Matt, my Pirate. Arrrhhh!
Our Princess Natalie
(She was not very cooperative....)
Katie as Cleopatra
All 3 of them
Vote for Sarah Palin & Joe Plummer!
Like Mark's tatoos?!! He even had a wrench in his back pocket!
I won "Prettiest Costume" for Sarah Palin the Beauty Queen!
Aren't I special!


Anonymous said...

You made a beautiful Sara Palin! What a great idea. You had The Look, no doubt! I loved Mark's tatoos. Everything was great at home. Just a little potty training mess to clean up! :0

Holly said...

I love it and I agree with are a beautiful Sarah Palin! How creative of you guys! I loved that Mark was Joe the Plumber and Kaitlyn is such a pretty Cleopatra. I am going to have to show Jayson Matt's great costume! And little Natalie is so sweet and cute too! Reading your blog and Candees blog makes me homesick for Nampa! : ( I loved Nampa in the fall and it was so fun to decorate our house!