Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh boy!! This little monkey who is almost 2 is into EVERYTHING!! The other day I got done giving him a bath and was getting clothes for him when I came back to find him in the kitchen covered in plum jelly!! There was plum jelly everywhere..... all over him including in his hair, and all over the counters!! It is hard to be mad when you find him in the jelly and it is really my fault for leaving the lid off of the jar after making school lunches for the kids! Plus, that adorable smile and the fact that he is just so darn cute doesn't help! So I grabbed my camera, laughed, and took a few pics of this mischievous little guy! Needless to say when we were all done taking pictures he ended up right back in the tub again! :) You caught me Mom!!
See what I did?!! Cool huh?!
Fun memories of a sticky little monkey!

Going Coupon Crazy!!!

Well I've finally given in to peer pressure...... I decided to give this coupon craze a try to see if it really can and does save us some money. I have to say it is a lot of work, but it is rewarding when you see the savings. I've been trying it now for the past month, and whilst I can't say that I've saved any money on my grocery budget YET, I HAVE gotten more groceries for my money and have already stocked up on plenty of goods! So, yesterday I went out and took advantage of some deals on feminine products and other things, an all up all this cost me $17.72!! I saved almost $50 and I got $9 in Register Rewards a Walgreens! I was able to get:
4 Boxes Kotex Pads
4 Boxes Kotex Tampons
2 Joy Dish Detergents
1 Bag of Spinach
2 Cans of Olives
1 Men's Dove Body Wash
4 Boxes of Spaghetti
1 Bottle of All Laundry Detergent
4 Boxes Valentine Hearts
I was quite pleased with my effort yesterday!
If you want to know more about couponing or some of the great deals you can take advantage of, check out

Happy Birthday to Emily!!

Ok, so I got the order of these photos wrong....... (it's been a while since I updated my blog so I'm a bit rusty!) It was Emily's birthday this past week and she is officially 14 now! Wow, can't believe my kids are growing up so quickly! Time flies. Emily has a nice birthday party with a few friends. They ate heart-shaped Calzones, had chocolate fondue (yum!) and went the movie 'When in Rome.' Then late on the eve of her birthday the door bell rang, only to find our front entry had been toilet papered by a sweet friend who also made a fun poster and left a gift. That was a nice fun surprise for Emily! (Thanks Ashley!) Anyway, here are the pics! Happy Birthday to our lovely, sweet, and beautiful young lady! Blowing out the candles on the chocolate cake!
Lighting the candles........
One of her birthday gifts was a new dress she wanted. I need to get a picture of her in it.... she looks very beautiful all dressed up!


Happy Birthday Emily!

Fun Kid Pics!

Here's just a few fun and silly pics from the past couple of weeks. Natalie is always asking for me to take photos of her doing things, so she is in most of the photos here. :)Natalie & Lucy

Brady our tv addict!

Matt & Natalie!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year....2010!!!

From all of us, especially Natalie, Happy New Year!!

A Visit from Down Under

My nephew Kurt came to visit from Australia for a month so we had a great time showing him the sights of the USA! Here's a few memories! I got this picture out of order, but I wanted to put it in. We went to a Steelhead's Ice Hockey game and had a great time. Here is Mark, Katie, Emily & Kurt!

Kurt at Temple Square

Brady & Natalie all bundled up and waiting for the lights to come on!

Kurt again...... :)

Me, the kids, and Mark's sister Tracy & family on the steps of the Temple

Nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles.... we are family!

Our first sledding trip with Brady!

Kurt's first sledding trip too. There wasn't much snow, but we made the

best of what there was!

Kurt and Natalie zooming by!

All bundled up having fun!

A great fun picture of Kurt!

At a Steelhead's Ice Hockey Game. Kurt loved it and said he thinks he has a new favourite sport!

It was a great game and action packed! Lots of fun and great times with Kurt!

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!Brady got a guitar and a 4 wheeler! Wooohoo!
Natalie liked her Tinkerbell backpack :)

Matt got a BYU football.... look out!
Santa came! Yay!
Merry Christmas Eve!
Acting out the Christmas story with our puppets... very fun!
Making Gingerbread houses.... YUM!
Caught 'red handed' from all those red sprinkles!
Lots of fun memories from 2009