Friday, January 1, 2010

A Visit from Down Under

My nephew Kurt came to visit from Australia for a month so we had a great time showing him the sights of the USA! Here's a few memories! I got this picture out of order, but I wanted to put it in. We went to a Steelhead's Ice Hockey game and had a great time. Here is Mark, Katie, Emily & Kurt!

Kurt at Temple Square

Brady & Natalie all bundled up and waiting for the lights to come on!

Kurt again...... :)

Me, the kids, and Mark's sister Tracy & family on the steps of the Temple

Nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles.... we are family!

Our first sledding trip with Brady!

Kurt's first sledding trip too. There wasn't much snow, but we made the

best of what there was!

Kurt and Natalie zooming by!

All bundled up having fun!

A great fun picture of Kurt!

At a Steelhead's Ice Hockey Game. Kurt loved it and said he thinks he has a new favourite sport!

It was a great game and action packed! Lots of fun and great times with Kurt!

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