Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh boy!! This little monkey who is almost 2 is into EVERYTHING!! The other day I got done giving him a bath and was getting clothes for him when I came back to find him in the kitchen covered in plum jelly!! There was plum jelly everywhere..... all over him including in his hair, and all over the counters!! It is hard to be mad when you find him in the jelly and it is really my fault for leaving the lid off of the jar after making school lunches for the kids! Plus, that adorable smile and the fact that he is just so darn cute doesn't help! So I grabbed my camera, laughed, and took a few pics of this mischievous little guy! Needless to say when we were all done taking pictures he ended up right back in the tub again! :) You caught me Mom!!
See what I did?!! Cool huh?!
Fun memories of a sticky little monkey!


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! What a little monkey!

Holly said...

That is the cutest sticky mess I have ever seen! ; )

Suzy said...

What a cutie even if he is messy! Hope you didn't have anything else planned that morning! Hope you had a good trip.