Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tea Party Anyone?!

Natalie has decided that she loves Tea Parties! Yesterday while Mark was watching his BYU Football game she wanted to have a tea party with him on the bed with some pretend food. Today she decided she wanted to have a REAL Tea Party with REAL food. So Katie, Matt & Natalie set up the table with the tea party set. They had crackers, pepperoni, Cheerios and chocolate to eat. Yum! They had a fun time playing and pretending with each other. A great Buffet Natalie. :)
I'll have some pizza please!
Mmmm, good tea!
Pepperoni, but where's the cheese?
Yippee! A Tea Party for me!


Anonymous said...

That looks like lots of fun. My girls would have loved to be there! Those are cute dishes. Kids are so funny!

Holly said...

OK so I was going to comment on how cute Natalie is getting and grown up she is then I notice that your wall in your kitchen is red....I love it and I need pictures! When did you paint it?

Phyllisa said...

If only I had known this sooner! ;) Maybe next time Natalie will like Hannah better if she shares her Disney Princess tea set with her. Sorry I didn't think of it before!