Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Par-tay!!

Last night Josh and Emily hosted a Halloween Party at our house. We had about 20 kids altogether which made for a full house! They all dressed up and ate pizza, played games, and watched a scary movie - When a Stranger Calls (a good one to get your heart racing!) Two different times all the kids screamed loud - "like REALLY loud" (quote from Emily), even the boys! It was hilarious to watch the kids jump and scream like that! I took some pictures of all the fun and madness of course...... right down to my Root Beer Cauldron complete with dry ice and gummy worms to help make things look a little bit spooky! I even added a frozen hand I made from Kool Aid and a glove which we had floating in the punch. It looked really cool if I may say so myself! It was a really fun night and all the kids had a great time.My Witches Broo!
Some of the girls all dressed up
The girls eating pizza & treats
Some of the boys!
Jannsen & Jacob the Joker
Josh, The Joker, A Goth Princess, The Mad Hatter
& a Game of Twister!
The Evil Cleopatra Emily!
Josh the Biker dude... like the tatoos!
Tim the Nerd. "This is not a costume!" (Quote: Tim)
Sarah the Witch and Tori the Fortune Teller
Jess & Ashley
Playing the Game "I Have Never...." It got pretty crazy!
Some of the madness........
More of the madness! There was a lot of pushing and shoving!
It was fun to watch!

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