Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be Afraid..... Be VERY AFRAID!

Well today I took Josh down to the DMV to get his drivers permit for Driver's Ed. He starts the class on Monday, and will have class for the next 2 weeks. He has to been in class for 30 hours, and then gets about 6 hours of driving time on top of that. After he completes Drivers Ed, he will have to practice driving with a parent for the next 6 months before he will be all official. So like I said..... be afraid, be very afraid!! I can't believe the boy is old enough to drive! I'm sure he'll do just fine, but we sure do like teasing Josh! Good luck ol' boy! Here's to our white knuckles for the next 6 months!


Holly said...

I love your title! I am still laughing about it! Look out insurance hike coming!! Why do boys cost so much to insure?? My husband is a far better driver than me...don't tell him I said that! ; )

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Holly. My husband is a much better driver than me. I drive him crazy when I drive. (no pun intended)

I'll make sure my kids stay off the sidewalks for the next little bit. JK

Good luck. You will have a chauffeur for your other kids. Fun stuff.