Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at our House!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning at our house!Matt got Incredible Hulk Hands! Rrrrrrroarrrrrr!
Mark enjoying Christmas. Thanks for the iTune Gift Card Gran & Grampy!
Emily got several Twilight Posters for her room, and Kaitlyn got an American Girl Doll.
I sewed the dress that her doll is wearing!
(I know, my girls were shocked that I could sew something too!)
Natalie loves the Barbie Toaster and playset you sent Mum!
Great choice! Thanks!
I made Brady this blanket for Christmas.
Brady also got a snowsuit. So cute! He looks like a little Eskimo all bundled up.
At least I know he'll be toasty warm in this.
Katie & Brady.
Merry Christmas!

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Holly said...

You have such a fun and cute family! I am so glad that you had a nice Christmas! I love the picture of Matt and Brady is just the cutest, happiest baby! OH you could just kiss that sweet little face all day long!