Saturday, October 24, 2009

Modest Fashion Show by Emily

At the beginning of October Emily had to put on a Young Women's activity as on of her 10 hour projects from her Personal Project book. She decided to put on a Modest Fashion Show for the 10-11 year old Activity Day girls from our ward. But, she put a little twist on it! She decided it would be fun to incorporate how to have modesty with Halloween Costumes! Very creative I thought. :) She did lots of planning and made cute invitations. She even had a dress rehearsal with the other YW so they would know what to do. She put a lot of time and effort into her project. When the night came, she did a great job welcoming the girls, talking to them about Modesty, playing games, and decorating cupcakes at the end. She even had fun creative things to say about each's girl costume as they walked the cat walk! She did a fabulous job and I was really proud of her. It was a fun night for all the girls so here are a few photos! Emily decorated the YW's Room for her Fashion Show
Rachel strutting her stuff as a modest punk rocker!

Melissa was a modest cheerleader!

Kinley was very modest in her costume too.... I think she was supposed to be a cat!

After a quick costume change and a game of Broomstick Limbo, the girls came back as a Twister Board, Minney Mouse, a Cowgirl and an Evil Babysitter.

After the Fashion show they decorated cupcakes. Yum!

Kaitlyn is part of the Activity Day group and this is her best friend Addy.
Great job Emily!!

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