Sunday, March 8, 2009

Emily's National History Day Competition

This weekend Emily participated in a Regional National History Day competition for school. She is in the Gift & Talented Program at school and had to do some kind of project based on someone in History and say why they thought that person changed history. Emily chose to do a group performance with 2 other girls from her class. Emily's group chose Beethoven and Emily wrote the script for the performance. They had to highlight 3 aspects of his life and she chose Endurance, Passion, and Independence. Each girl had to portray that trait and Emily was Endurance. The performance had to be about 8 minutes long and all memorized. Emily's group performed on Saturday morning and then on Saturday afternoon they announced the winners. The top 2 from each catagory (different catagories included website designs, documentaries, performance, displays, historical papers) goes on to perform at the State Competition in April. Well, guess what?! Emily's group won!! Out of all the schools in the area that competed they were the best! Hurray for Emily! We are so proud of her. They did a great job and what an accomplishment! If they place in the top 2 at State, she will go on to compete at Nationals in Washington DC. That would be so cool! We wish her, Alisa, and Kayce the very best of luck! Awesome job! She had to dress in a period type costume and this is what we came up with! Her hair was curled in ringlets and I think she looks great!
A picture Alisa, Kayce and Emily before their performance.

Alisa wore pink to represent passion, and Kayce wore blue to represent Independence and Emily green for Endurance. The choice of colours had to be reflected in their submitted written paper.


Julie Johnson said...

Way cool! We hope Emily wins and you can all come to visit us!

The Crum Family said...

She is so talented!!!

Phyllisa said...

What a beautiful and talented girl she is! We love you Em!