Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Party II

Ok, so a parent said to me after this year's Halloween party for the kids, that now that we've had a party 2 years in a row, it must now be a tradition! Hmmmm, I'm not convinced yet, but maybe! We had another fun party for some of Josh & Emily's friends this year, with lots of food, a fun scavenger hunt, and a scary movie to end with! I think they all had a really good time, and here's the proof! Emily & Ashley.... Twin blonde soccer player ballerina fairy princesses! Now that's a mouthful!
Eating some snacks before the pizza arrived...
Some of the boys.....Emily spray painted Josh's hair pink!
Hey, it's Michael Jackson.... aka Jacob!

Hey, Ashley ran into Spongebob on their scavenger hunt!

And Cruella Deville!

The "Electric Chair" man in our friend's haunted garage!

Hang out after the scavenger hunt....


Fun with Emily's friends!

This was the boys idea of fun..... playing a drinking game with cards and some soda!
Whatever keeps them happy right?!

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Holly said...

You are too cool! Way to go!! I wish I was there I would totally have loved to help you!!! What a cool mom! That looked like so much fun!