Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Dressed Up for Halloween!

Here are the photos from Halloween night this year. Natalie was a Princess, Brady a Giraffe, Matt a Vampire, and Kaitlyn a Fortune Teller! They all looked FABULOUS & CUTE & VERY ADORABLE!! The Giraffe & The Princess My cute Brady!
A Beautiful Natalie!
A Scary Matt!!
Ahhh!! Matt makes a great looking Vampire!
All the kids with Matt's friend Kyle.
Our Pretty Fortune Teller!
Natalie waiting for her fortune to be told.... I think it means they are in for a fun night!
Happy Halloween!


Holly said...

Cute kids and costumes!
Now I have to ask two questions...first did you paint a wall red, is that new and second were you dressed up as a BSU fan or are you just a fan or both?? ; )

Becca's Blog said...

Holly, I've had that wall painted that colour for a long time, I think even while you were here! Then I am kind of a BSU fan.... don't really care that much about football, but the hat and shirt worked for halloween when I didn't have time to take a shower that day!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree~Baby #2 said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes. What fun!