Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Start of Another School Year

Well the summer holidays are done and now it is back to school for some of my kids. Every year I take photos of the kids on the first day of school, and this year was no different........except for the fact that Josh DROVE to school! Agghh! Josh is starting his Sophmore year (10) of high school, and with it comes a brand new license to drive. He gets to help me out with taking Emily to school which is nice. She goes to a school out of our bussed area so we have to take her and pick her up. Emily is starting her final year of Middle School - 8th grade. Next year I will have 2 high schoolers! Wow. Where has the time gone. Josh has a heavy school schedule this year which includes an AP History class that he can get college credit for, and his second year of Chinese. He is also on the Robotics team where they will be building a robot and competing in a national competition year next year. He is the computer programmer for the project. Emily is on the Cross-Country team, playing flute, trombone and piano in band and jazz band this year, and taking 10th Grade Geometry. She is also playing soccer while Josh is back referreeing.

Emily & Josh

Next we have Kaitlyn and Matt, who had their own set of wheels to drive to school this year! Hehe! Matt has been dying to be able to ride his bike to school since kindergarten, but this is the first year I would actually let him. Those of you that know Matt can probably guess why.... he is a crazy boy!! Hopefully now he has a little bit more common sense to go with that bike! He is starting 2nd Grade and seems to be really liking it so far. His teacher has great rewards for kids that complete work and go over and beyond with reading and other things which is always a great motivator for Matt. You can dangle a candy bar in front of that boy and he'll do anything! He is back taking piano lessons after a break over the summer and is playing Flag Football for the first time this fall. He is a rough and tumble kid so I think he really likes the physicality of football. He has his first game today, so I'm excited to see him in action! Kaitlyn is in 5th grade this year and is now at the top of the school. Next year she'll be in Middle School and back at the bottom of the totom pole again. She likes her teacher and has a new friend in her class that is also in her class at church named Damiana. Kaitlyn was excited about that because her best friend Addy got put in a different class to her. Kaitlyn is going to start playing Volleyball next week and is also playing soccer. That will keep her busy for awhile!

Kaitlyn & Matt

Matt getting all settled at his desk.

Lastly, I have my two little helpers that are left at home with me! Natalie and Brady are good buddies that keep each other entertained. One thing they both love to do is help vacuum. Brady is obsessed wth the vacuum cleaner for some reason! He screams like crazy if I don't let him help, and he loves to push it over so it crashes to the ground. Natalie just loves to help with anything. She loves to help me cook, clean and do other house chores. I better get her on the job chart while she's excited about doing something because we all know that won't last long! I have fun with these two and we've enjoyed having time together to go to the park and go on bike rides. I need to cherish every minute because it won't be long before these two are all grown up and going to school and the house will be all silent. What will I do with myself then??!! Hmmm, I'm sure I'll find something!

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