Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Camping Adventure

This summer we've been out camping a few times which has been really fun for us. This was another adventure we had a few weeks ago up at McCall. Josh had been working up at the scout camp there so while Emily and Kaitlyn were spending a week with their Louisianna cousins and G'ma & G'pa the rest of us went to visit Josh. We took Lucy our dog with us and she did great. I think she loved it. McCall is such a great place to camp and the lake is so pretty. I think we need to go camp there every year! I loved being out under the stars at night, cooking over a camp fire, and seeing deer run right through our camp! Matt got such a fright when they came within a few feet of him while he was crouched down looking for some sticks for the fire. It scared him half to death! He went running off as fast as he could screaming "DEER!" It was pretty hilarious! The deer ran one way and Matt went the other, and then a few seconds later the deer turned around and came running back towards our camp again! They can run fast! It was a memorable camping trip. Taking a walk by the lake at sunset
Natalie blowing bubbles
Mark by the camper
Our camp site
Brady zonked out! This boy can sleep anywhere I reckon!
Matt, Natalie, Brady & Lucy
Playing at the lake.... Brady wasn't too sure about the water at first.
Matt swimming. The water is so clear too.
Brady playing in the sand
Natalie and Brady
Making sand castles and digging holes
Pouring in the water
Matt going back for more! One thing that happened to Matt while playing at the lake was that he was playing with this other little boy and they were collecting rocks for their sand creation and when they went to pick up this rather big rock they dropped it on Matt's foot! Ouch!! Poor Matt screamed and had a pretty sore toe and foot for about a week after that. He was lucky he didn't break his foot.

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Anonymous said...

That looks so fun! Your kids look like they know how to have fun!