Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Birthdays & Puppy Dog Tales.....

Ok, so be fair warned, there are lots of photos to this entry. I've been slow to get on and update things because life has been busy. But finally we have some photos from Easter, Josh's birthday, and our new puppy named Lucy.
First we have photos of our Easter Sunday. The weather was beautiful and sunny and even warm if you can believe that! This is the first Easter Sunday in as many years as I can remember that it was warm enough to go outside and enjoy an easter egg hunt. When we came home from church we hid the kids' easter baskets outside and they had fun finding where they were. Then later in the day we had the easter egg hunt, but by then the sun had gone and it was overcast again. So here are some photos of the kids enjoying there loot! My beautiful girls!

Emily & Lucy

All the fam, except Brady didn't want to cooperate!

Brady was more interested in other things.

Enjoying hanging out on the grass.

Josh checking out what the Easter Bunny brought him! Candy is always a good thing. :)

Sponge Bob.... oh I mean Matt!

Emily being a show off!

Natalie finds an egg!

And so does Emily.... lucky her!

Kaitlyn is thinking and wondering where more eggs are.....
Josh just turned 15 and had a nice birthday. The cake wasn't very fancy this year, partly because he said he didn't want anything special (so you don't have to tell me twice not to go to too much effort when it comes to cooking!), but also because my first cake I made was invaded by ants. There were ants everywhere the next morning in the kitchen so the cake had to be thrown away. We've had an ant invasion in our house which is driving me crazy. We've put out some ant bait hoping to take care of it. We think they are coming in from the garage. Anyway, happy birthday to our almost sweet Josh! One more year and then he'll officially be sweet. ;) We love you!

Eating Cake and Ice-cream. Doesn't take much to make the boy happy!

This is our new puppy Lucy! Mark surprised the kids and I the other day with this adorable little thing. Mark is a big softy and I guess decided she would be ok to have after one of his patients said he couldn't keep her. Sounds like he'd been planning this all for awhile, as his patient was getting it for his wife but didn't know if that was going to work out. As it turned out, the wife told him the dog had to go....... she said it was either her or the dog! So Mark was sweet and gave into his kids and brought a puppy home, unbeknowst to us! It was a fun surprise. She is a Shitzhu and seems to be very sweet and smart. Hopefully she'll keep being a nice dog. We've all enjoyed her so far so fingers crossed! She is just a little thing and is only about 10 weeks old. She was born on January 26th, Australia Day, so perhaps that is a good omen of good luck for us!
Awww.... so cute!


Holly said...

How fun! You family is growing up! Gosh what a year can do...little Brady is so cute! I wish we could get together for a playdate with the boys! Miss you guys!

Curtis & Deedra said...

Lucy is adorable! I wouldn't mind having a dog like that so long as it's good with kids.
I heard that you can use cornmeal to kill ants. It's safe for your kids to be around. I guess ants will take it back to the colony and then when they eat it they can't digest it so it kills them. I just heard about that so I haven't tried it myself yet.

Happy Easter!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

What a cute puppy. I wouldn't have been able to resist either. Cute Easter pics.