Friday, November 7, 2008

Young Woman in Excellence Night

On Wednesday night, Emily got to get all dressed up for a special night. It was their Young Woman in Excellence Night. This is where they honour the girls for their projects that they are working on. It was so fun to see Emily and all the other girls dressed up so pretty. They looked so grown up! Here are a few pictures of Emily from the evening. So pretty. She is growing up way too fast!
Emily and her friend Rachel Grove

All the girls taking turns looking into a mirror and saying:
"I AM Divine!"


Holly said...

Emily is such a beautiful girl! It is so refreshing to see her look so modest and modest is beautiful! You have done a fabulous job raising her!
: ) Holly

Phyllisa said...

K, so I'm sitting here looking at this picture of her sitting on my lap when she was Natalie's size and trying not to bawl. What a beautiful young woman she is, inside and out! You guys have done such a good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think Emily is growing up. She looks so pretty in her pretty dress.

galbraiths said...

That could be her wedding dress!! IT is so pretty. Rachel sure is growing up too. Good job mom and dad!! mark has a part in it too!! ;)