Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Katie's Pie & My Cutie Pie :)

Kaitlyn wanted to cook something the other day so I suggested maybe she could try and make a pie. She has never made one before, and she really likes to bake in the kitchen, so I thought she might have fun doing this. She made an Apple-Cranberry pie which turned out so good! It was sooo yummy too! She did all the work on it, right down to the decorative flower on top in the picture below. Awesome job Katie! And speaking of "pies" here are two cute pictures of MY little Cutie Pie! Poor Brady has been sick with a nasty cough and wheezing lately. He is having breathing treatments at the moment which I hope will help him get better soon. He just turned 8 months old yesterday, and he is just the sweetest little guy. Josh took this picture of Brady wearing his hat.
This picture of Brady and Mark was kind of funny. Brady fell asleep on Mark's lap holding onto the strings of Mark's sweatshirt. It looked so funny to me to see him laying there so straight, and then with his one hand clinging to those strings. He must have had a pretty good grip on them to be fast asleep and not let go!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Good job Kaitlyn! I need to take lessons from her. I have yet to make a totally homemade pie...

I just want to pinch Brady's cheeks! They are so chubby and cute. Really I am restraining myself from pinching the computer. Watch out for me if I am in the same room as him, it would be almost unbearable to not kiss and pinch those cheeks! How adorable!

That's pretty funny that he wouldn't let go of Mark's drawstrings!

Holly said...

OK I need lessons on how to make a pie beautiful. Jay says I have taste down but I feel I am really lacking presentation...That pie is beautiful!
I just love the pic of Brady. He is so Carson's twin!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

That pie looks better than any pie I have ever made! Yum! Brady is a cutie pie. I agree--those cheeks are to die for! It's funny how kids like to hold things. For Bree it was and still is hair.

staci-d said...

HI Rebecca,

Thanks for leaving a sweet comment! Your family sure is growing up! I haven't seen your kids in awhile and Brady is definitely a cutie pie!! What fun pictures you have on your blog :)