Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel A Bit Like SUMMER!!! HOORAY!!!

Finally, the weather is starting to get warmer! Yay! The other day was so nice that the kids got the water on the trampoline and had a fun time playing outside. I love summer! (I know, it's still spring but I can't help but say it when the weather is so warm!) The grass is looking green, the leaves are back on the trees, and the flowers are blooming! Life is beautiful.Matt & Natalie jumping!

Being silly and having fun..... that's what it's all about!


One of my hanging baskets.... so gorgeous!

Katie, so gorgeous too!

Mi Mi enjoying the sun and reading a book!

Brady is figuring out that being outside is great!


Holly said...

Brady is getting so big and he is soooo cute! Wow all your kids are getting big and they all are so cute and the girls just beautiful! Please send some of that Nampa Sun to us! We need it to dry us out!

The Crum Family said...

Isn't it great!!! I love it too there is so much more to do this time of year. The girls are loving the water in the backyard right now. The good thing is that they sleep so much better becuase they are absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.