Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emily's Birthday - Sweet 13!

Well Emily is now officially a teenager! She has gone from being a sweet, adorable baby to my adorable and (hopefully will continue to be....!) sweet girl! She is definately turning into one outstanding young lady and we love her a lot! Here are a few pics from her birthday.
Emily - 8 days old.....
now 13 years old!
So beautiful!
Emily opening a few of her presents
Can't be a cool teenager without some cool sunglasses!
Emily wanted me to make Chicken Enchilladas for her Birthday dinner.....
Eating her food!
The Birthday Cake! Yum!
Emily getting ready to make a wish!
Enjoying some cake!
Happy Birthday Mi Mi!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I noticed in the pics all your kids are getting older! It stinks I don't live close anymore! : ( What a beautiful young lady she is growing into and I think she looks a lot like her mom. How fun!

The Crum Family said...

She is turning into a little lady, I really enjoy her in YW. She is so intelligent,sweet and fun. You should be very proud of her!

galbraiths said...

crazy how the time goes by. Our kids grow up way too fast. that cake looks delicious!!