Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sledding or Shoveling?

Ok, sometimes I hate the blog format of adding photos........ I forget to add this cute photo of my nephew Gideon with the rest of the pictures of the kids, and the only place it will go is at the top of my blog entry! That's ok, he's a cutie and this is a fun picture to start out with. ;)
This weekend we had a fun visit from Mark's sister Julie, her husband Randy, and their sweet kids (my cute nieces & nephews!). They are out here visiting family and were so nice to drive up here to see us as well as Laurie & Klayne. We thought it would be fun to spend the day sledding and roasting hot dogs, so we set out for a day of fun in the snow. When we got to the place, because of rain during the week, they weren't letting people go sledding at our usual spot because they said people had been getting stuck in the snow and couldn't get out. So they sent us to another spot just up the road and told us it should be just fine there. Well when we got there we decided to drive into this open area, not thinking that would be a problem. The snow looked fine to drive on. Next thing we know our tires are spinning and having a hard time on the ice so we decided we better turn back around and park on the side of the road. Randy and Julie were following us in their car, but unfortunately weren't as lucky to get out like we did. They found themselves stuck in the snow; all the tires would do was spin like crazy and not get them anywhere! Mark must have been inspired before we left because he had brought a shovel with us and so we were able to use that to try and dig them out. So to make a long story short....... about 3 hours later (or longer....), we were finally able to get them out, after digging a track about 50 feet back from the car to an area where they could get out! We did get some sledding in, but I'd say we got more shoveling than anything! Made for a fun and memorable day! This was the main tire that was sunk deep in the snow. There was a layer of ice, then powdered snow, then another layer of ice under that, so the car just sunk and did not want to go anywhere!

All the men and Emily helping to rock the car in hopes of trying to push it out!

Giving up on the pushing........ let the shoveling begin!

About 3 hours later..... the guys were hot and tired in this 10 degree F weather! You'd never know it was that cold looking at what they were wearing!

Me roasting a hot dawg!

Mark's sister Julie. Is that a cheese stick on that roasting stick I see?!

Some of the cousins! Natalie (by the table), then Peter, Matt & Kaitlyn.

Little Paul & sweet Mary Joy.

Peter & Matt. Where are your gloves?!!

Ada was a little shy. :)

Julie and her friend (and ours!) Rosie. They were roommates in College.
Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year!


Holly said...

Who doesn't Rosie know...she knew a girl that went to my high school...she is a know all girl! BTW I totally had homesickness for Idaho City and sledding fun with your family! That was such a fun memory with you guys last year...even it Jay broke Jayson's sled and Jayson still remembers it and still brings it up! It was sooo much fun...Ahhhh... memories....

galbraiths said...

hey will you email that pic of Julie and I? I tried to snag it and I did, but if I edit it, it makes us all grainy. it is
Thanks for the food and fun! you guys are such a neat family. hugs!!

Jackie said...

hi becca..
looks like you had sooo much fun and in the snow..HOW FUN...we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine here in good old aussie...
anyway, have fun and enjoy the snow..
Love Jackie

The Crum Family said...

That looked like so much fun! We need to take Hanna sledding. We really wanted to but have yet to. Roasting hotdogs looks like fun!